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Public Relations

On everyone's lips: Il Plonner in the press

As every morning, the postman enters the organic restaurant Il Plonner in Oberpfaffenhofen-Weßling and, in addition to a pile of letters, also puts a few daily newspapers on the counter. Landlord Domenico Petrone opens one of them. “Take a look at that,” he says, “we’re in the papers!”

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IL PLONNER – Village Inn

Press release

Here you can find the basic press release.

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Fresh. Bio. From home.

In a nutshell

You can find the most important information here.

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Voluntary commitments

We are more than a hotel and have summarized our commitments here.

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Sylvia Raabe | Lautererstraße 4 | 83727 Schliersee | Telefon: 089-99 01 607-0