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Menu & Drinks
Schnörkel Weiß

Menu & Drinks

Bavarian meets Italian!

The finest Italian dishes and traditional Bavarian delicacies – in the Dorf-Gasthof we combine the best of both worlds and serve you a very special mix of dishes. Take a look at our menu and let yourself be surprised what our kitchen has to offer!
Schnörkel Schwarz

The best way to reserve a table is to contact us at:

You are also welcome to use our online reservation service,
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Schnörkel Schwarz
Table reservation

We are happy to take your reservations at the following number:

You are also welcome to use our online reservation service,
to place your orders or table reservations.


Please note that we offer a daily changing menu. All meals can be taken “to-go” and the price remains the same.

Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Ziegenkäse
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Domenico Parma
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Vorspeise

Vitello Tonnato

Rocket | capers

€ 18,00

Antipasto Misto

grilled vegetables | vegetarian

€ 18,50

Antipasto Misto meat

grilled vegetables | with meat

€ 23,50

Beef consommé


€ 7,50


The classic

Mixed salad

€ 5,60

The Ox

Large mixed salad Stone mushrooms | ox shreds

€ 19,00

The hearty one

Large mixed salad with pumpkin and pine nuts, bulgur, dates, masala nuts

€ 18,50

Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Gemischter Salat
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Pizza Italienisch Parma
Pizza | from 6 p.m.

We only use spelled flour for our pizzas.

Pizza Margherita

Tomato | Mozzarella

€ 9,50

Pizza Ortolana

Tomato | Mozzarella | Vegetables

€ 13,50

Pizza Salami

Tomato | Mozzarella | Beef salami

€ 13,50

Pizza Prosciutto

Tomato | Mozzarella | boiled ham

€ 13,50

Pizza Funghi

Tomato | Mozzarella | Funghi

€ 13,50

Pizza Regina

Tomato | Mozzarella | cooked ham | Funghi

€ 14,50

Pizza Tonno

Tomato | Mozzarella | Tuna | Onions

€ 17,50

Pizza Plonner

Tomato | Mozzarella | Ham | Salami | Vegetables

€ 16,50

Pizza Diavola

Tomato | Mozzarella | Salami | chili

€ 15,00

Pizza Napoli

Tomato | Mozzarella | Anchovies | Capers | olive

€ 16,50

Pizza Parma

Tomato | Mozzarella | Prosciutto crudo

€ 18,50

Pizza Pane

Pizza bread

€ 6,00

We charge a surcharge of € 3.00 for a gluten-free pizza

Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Kochhandwerk Italienische Küche
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Pizza Italienisch
Delicious pleasures
completely without meat ...

Bavarian risotto, penne all’Arrabiata or would you prefer spinach dumplings? An extensive selection of vegetarian delicacies awaits you in our organic restaurant.

With attention to detail, our kitchen team creates delicious dishes whose fine recipes are entirely meat-free.

Schnörkel Schwarz

Ortolana polenta

garden vegetables

€ 18,00

Spinach dumplings

Brown Butter | Parmesan

€ 18,00


Ravioli al Tartufo

winter truffle | lesson egg

€ 24,50

Spaghetti alla Bolognese

Ground Beef | basil

€ 18,00

Spaghetti "Aglio e Olio"

Garlic | Olive oil | Hot peppers

€ 11,50

Penne Amatriciana

bacon | onion | tomato

€ 17,00

Main course

Wiener Schnitzel

fried potatoes | salad

€ 24,50


Potato dumplings | primeval carrot | braised onion

€ 23,50

Sirloin steak »Tagliata Toscana«

Rocket | Parmesan | Wedges

€ 33,00

Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Schweinebraten
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Tiramisu Dessert
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Himberren
Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Dessert Panna Cotta


Amaretto | Kakao

€ 7,00

Panna Cotta

berry roaster

€ 6,00

It's a matter of taste.

Drinks menu

Fruity refreshments, non-alcoholic drinks, local beer or high-proof spirits.

We spoil you with good drinks. You will feel right at home in our village inn IL PLONNER!

Il Plonner Dorf-Gasthof Wessling Kaffee Getränkekarte