Il Plonner - close to our heart.
Gasthof PlonnerIl Plonner - close to our heart.
Il Plonner - close to our heart.

The all-organic restaurant & hotel Il Plonner: Real life is unscripted

All good hotel stories start with the innkeeper. When Domenico Petrone stepped outside his village inn Il Plonner that morning and his gaze fell on the rooster sitting on the maypole, he knew it was going to be a good day.

The hotel and the associated organic restaurant are located in the very heart of Oberpfaffenhofen, which is part of the Upper Bavarian municipality of Weßling. It is hard to believe that this place is so close to Munich. The farmer's wife waved over to Domenico from the churchyard. She would come over and bring him fresh eggs later that day. With a smile on his face, Domenico called "Buon giorno", went out into the beer garden beside the organic hotel and prepared everything for his guests, when suddenly a car drove up...

The driver stopped in front of the organic hotel in Oberpfaffenhofen and turned down the side window. "Is there a room available?" the stranger asked. Domenico nodded and the man continued. "Got something tasty for a hungry traveller?" "Only the best of everything," Domenico replied. "Both in our rooms and at the table. We meet the highest standards: in our hotel and restaurant, organic quality takes top priority."

The guest switched off the engine and got out of his car. "So what is the Italian il before the Plonner all about?" The innkeeper smiled. "I'll tell you later..."

IL PLONNER - the village restaurant

Gautinger Straße 52
82234 Weßling/Oberpfaffenhofen

Phone 0 81 53 - 91 61 27
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