Trust is good. Organic is better.
Trust is good. Organic is better.

In any case organic – the partners of the bio-hotel Il Plonner

A white van with a carrot painted on the side door stopped in front of the organic hotel Il Plonner in Oberpfaffenhofen-Weßling. Together with the driver, innkeeper Domenico Petrone unloaded the vegetable boxes. "Do you need meat, as well?" the driver asked. "High-quality organic beef, freshly slaughtered yesterday." Domenico was clearly excited. "Just keep 'em coming! It's always good to know the origins of your supplies." The guest headed for his car to get his luggage...

Our partners and regional suppliers:

Ammersee Lamm, Diessen am Ammersee

Bühler GmbH, Steinhausen a. d. Rottum

Die Bio-Hotels, A-Nassereith

Deutsche See GmbH, München

Gärtnerei am Osterholz (Demeter), Wörthsee-Walchstadt

Greenlotus GmbH - Biohandels- & Beratungsgesellschaft - ital. BioProdukte für Handel & Gastronomie 

Greenpeace Energy, Ökostrom

Kagerer & Co. GmbH, Feldkirchen

Mauerer Ökobäckerei Konditorei GmbH Das Informationsportal

Ökoring Handels GmbH, Mammendorf, Der Beratergroßhandel, Die Bio Gastro Pioniere