Il Plonner - close to our heart.
Gasthof Plonner
Il Plonner - close to our heart.
Il Plonner - close to our heart.

The organic hotel Il Plonner as a cultural realm: Life is a celebration

Fresh and well rested, the guest entered the restaurant. Hadn't the innkeeper promised an extraordinary experience? Indeed, there were musicians tuning their instruments.

"Once a month, artists honour us with their work. You're at the right place at the right time, I suppose," Domenico called. "These gentlemen here are actually from Oberpfaffenhofen." The guest asked, "Is this town populated by artists only?" "No, not really," the innkeeper replied. "But the number is rising. Our organic hotel is surrounded by a versatile cultural landscape.

"The guest ordered a beer. The band seemed to be an absolute insider-tip, as the audience grew larger and larger. And then, things were really getting started - Reggae! The guest became the protagonist of a good story. The word hospitality turned into a tangible reality - a hotel fully booked by friendship. And one thing he knew for sure: he would come back.

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